Market research about electric wheelchair prices - Coursework ExamplePride Mobility LX Electric Wheelchair is £1,199.00. It has comfy reclining seat, high level padding, height adjustments and moulded armrests. The Pride Mobility LX Electric Wheelchair ride is comfortable and stable, tyres are solid and there are available anti tip wheels at the rear preventing accidents on steep inclines or kerb stones with height adjustable headrest that are also removable (Mobility Zone, 2013: n.p). The combined solid, tyres and removable rear anti-tip wheels are necessary in ensuring stable outdoor performance with a compact frame for smooth indoor manoeuvring. The Pride Mobility LX Electric Wheelchair is the best of the electric wheelchairs because of its fair price and the qualities that it shares with other electric wheelchairs (Salentine, 2012: 5-12). It is comfy, has good speed and moves at a higher speed of 4ph at top speed.

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